Hacking UX

the book

A book on how to collaborate with teams and clients to create better products and services by Austin Govella

Launching October 2017.

What's inside

1. The UX hackers toolbox

The designer’s tools; building better teams; working better together; the collaboration roadmap

2. Collaborating on interfaces with sketches, wireframes, and prototypes

The visible and invisible parts of the interface; sketching solo, in groups, and all together; aligning teams versus generating ideas; choosing the right level of fidelity

3. Strategy, collaborating on goals and vision

The strategic landscape and the learning organization; getting to the right goals; creating and aligning on vision; organizational barriers and drivers; the right kind of ideation at the right time

4. Users, collaborating on personas

User goals and jobs-to-be-done; contexts of use and behavior preferences; perceptions, motivators, and influencers; the right attributes for your personas

5. Interactions, collaborating on journeys

Types of interactions, journeys, flows, and maps; the parts of every journey; choosing the right journeys; mapping systems

6. Workshops and formal collaboration

Planning workshops; convincing clients and setting expectations; roles and responsibilities; preparing the room; kicking off the workshop; in-person and remote facilitation; managing participants; wrapping up and workshop outcomes

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