Little Books with Big Ideas


Big ideas crammed into little books with huge impacts on our tiny minds. Small enough to read quickly and re-read when your lonely for the master's touch.

I highly recommend each of these books.
(Originally listed on the dearly departed, Bagcheck.)


Finite and Infinite Games

By James Carse – How life, as a game, is designed, played, and won. 

Liminal Thinking

By Dave Gray – Guidebook for shifting the way you frame and perceive the problems to find new solutions.

It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be

By Paul Arden – A kick in the pants to be the awesome you want to be, along with solid advice for working with clients. 

Shaping Things

By Bruce Sterling – The history of the future. Be familiar with it, lest you repeat the future's mistakes. 

Against the Smart City

By Adam Greenfield – A critique of how the smart city and the Internet of Things are evolving.


By Jean Beaudrillard – The academic precognitive post-mortem of modern society.

Managing Oneself

By Peter Drucker – Drucker on being an effective knowledge worker. Especially for designers.

101 Things I learned in Architecture School

By Matthew Frederick – A guidebook to thinking and communicating clearly and visually.


By Marty Neumeier – An MBA in a book; an innovation lesson plan.