Change the document grid to optimize your workflow

Aligning objects to a consistent visual grid immediately makes your documents look more professional and communicate greater authority. You look like you know what you're doing.

Dragging every object around on the page to make sure it aligns with everything around it is annoying and less than efficient. Use InDesign's built-in “document grid” to make alignment easier.

However, there's one more trick:

In graphics and layout programs the world over, pressing the arrow key once moves the selected object 1 pixel. And pressing shift PLUS the arrow key moves the selected object 10 pixels.

What if when you shift+arrow clicked to move objects around, they stayed aligned with your document grid? How wicked efficient would that be?

1. Under the InDesign CC menu, choose Preferences › Grids

Under the  InDesign CC  menu, choose  Preference  ›  Grids...

Under the InDesign CC menu, choose Preference › Grids...

2. Under Document Grid, change Gridline Every to “100 pt”. (InDesign will convert 100 pt to “8p4”.) Change Subdivisions to 10 for both Horizontal and Vertical

Under  Document Grid , change  Gridline Every  to “100 pt”; Change  Subdivisions  to 10 for both  Horizontal  and  Vertical

Under Document Grid, change Gridline Every to “100 pt”; Change Subdivisions to 10 for both Horizontal and Vertical