Collaborative Product Design


Practical tools and activities for better product design

Product designers today can piece together several frameworks and have a new website or app up and running in a matter of days—as long as everyone on the project has the same vision. Implementation isn't the problem, but shared vision is.

Help your team build better products

Author and Experience Design Director, Austin Govella, introduces structured activities that help teams build better together. Along with soft skills, your team learns how to hack their design process to create better products and experiences.

The book will be available in Summer 2019.

Table of Contents

The Product designer's Toolbox

Working better with products and teams

1. Think, Make, Check

2. Work Better Together

3. The Collaboration Roadmap


21. What strategy is made of

22. Align team with goals

23. Frame vision with current and future states

24. Understand strategic context with barriers and drivers

25. Document and communicate goals and vision

Working with goals and vision


Working with customer models like personas, archetypes, and profiles

9. What customers are made of

10. Target customers with the bullseye canvas

11. Prioritize customers with engagement value

12. Think about goals and jobs-to-be-done

13. Think about contexts and preferences

14. Make customer models

15. Check and reference customer models


16. What interactions are made of

17. Discover opportunities with task maps

18. Optimize usability with touchpoint diagrams

19. Optimize customer acquisition and retention with journey diagrams

20. Check and reference interaction models

Working with interaction models like maps, journeys, and flows


4. What interfaces are made of

5. Think about interfaces with 4-corners

6. Generate interface models

7. Check interface models

8. Choose the right interface model

Working with interface models like sketches, wireframes, and prototypes