Planning Workshops

Updated November 2019

The following posts cover important takeaways and lessons to keep in mind when planning your own UX workshops.

How to plan UX workshops

Running a workshop requires a mix of skills. Beyond that, the most important part of running a workshop is planning a workshop.

Planning winning workshops (UIE’s All You Can Learn)

We’re all familiar with bad workshops: hours—or days—of unstructured discussion that ends with no clear outcome. Good workshops, however, are the perfect way to kick off a project, conduct discovery, and collaborate with coworkers. In this seminar, Austin gives a three-part, surefire formula for effective, productive, and winning workshops: frame, facilitate, and finish. (Grab the slides from this presentation at Big Design.)

5 Rules for Scheduling UX Workshops

Make it easy for participants to attend and pay attention, and you'll get more out of your workshops.

How to schedule remote workshops

Scheduling workshops becomes a whole lot more tricky when you're working across timezones. Here's some tips for getting everyone together. 

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