UX Strategy

Over the course of each day, each week, each month, your team makes a multitude of design decisions. And it's not just designers. Organizations, not designers, design everything. How can the entire team stay aligned? How do we make sure every decision made by each team member at every point in the process stays aligned with the project's overall vision?

I'm an unabashed fan of collaborative team workshops. I start every project with workshops, and the very first workshops I run every time focuses on aligning the team around the experience strategy. Working through four, simple questions helps the entire team surface disagreements, make decisions, and align around a vision:

  1. Goals

  2. Vision of success (the future state)

  3. Organizational drivers

  4. Organization barriers

The following six posts explore these elements of UX strategy, so your organization stays true to the project's vision.

Further reading

UX Strategy For Design Leadership: A 4-Step Guide

David Malouf put together a five stage overview on UX Strategy for UX Pin: Purpose, Peak, Path, Point, and Plan. It's a great overview that follows a similar trajectory to the process I've outlined here. It's a great place to start.